3 Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing an Investment Banking Advisor

Without industry know how and proper experience, managing your or your company’s finances can be a grueling endeavor—and that’s precisely why wealth management firms exist. At Miser Wealth Partners, we emphasize that an experienced wealth advisor can be vital to your businesses long term financial success. This is particularly true when seeking out investment banking advisory for your business.

If your company is in need of an investment banking advisor, consider the following information from reliable industry experts at Miser Wealth Partners before making a decision.

What is investment banking?

Before getting into the minutiae of investment banking advisory, let’s define investment banking as a concept. First, investment banking is completely separate from personal wealth management and investing as a single entity. While at Miser Wealth Partners we do offer personal advising tips and management, investment banking advisory is geared toward corporations.

Put simply, investment banking is a type of banking that organizes large and complex financial transactions—think mergers or initial public offer (IPO) underwriting. Now, let’s get into three factors you should keep in mind when choosing an investment banking advisor.

1. Do they offer mergers and acquisition advisory services?

A major part of investment banking advisory is walking a client through a merger or acquisition. Mergers and acquisitions in investment banking are when a company buys or mergers with a smaller business for the purpose of investing. Any investment banking advisory worth their salt will be skilled at advising their clients through mergers and acquisitions.

Mergers and acquisitions are a key function in investment banking and should be fully utilized to ensure long term financial success. Your experienced investment banking advisor should guide you through the entire process from search, to analysis, to acquisition.

At Miser Wealth Partners, we pride ourselves in offering our clients a holistic network of support when it comes to mergers and acquisition. We’ll support and advise through every step of the process.

2. Do they offer pre-transactional advice?

Another important part of investment banking advisory is pre-transactional advice. A good wealth advisory firm will have an extensive network of experienced investment bankers to draw from—meaning they can offer you expert pre-transaction advice. Investment banking advisory doesn’t begin and end with a transaction. Your advisor should be ready to walking you through every step of the investment process that begins well before any transaction.

At Miser Wealth Partners, we use real-time experience to provide our clients with expert investment banking advice at every step. You can be sure we’ll be there to guide you through any major pre-, during, and post-transaction snags—always prioritizing your financial success.

3. Do they specialize in businesses like yours?

At major advising firms like Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley, they’re going to prioritize large multinational conglomerations. Which is great… if you’re a multinational conglomeration. When selecting an investment banking advisor or advisory firm, you want to find someone that specializes in and prioritizes businesses like yours—so your needs are never put on hold for the good of someone else’s agenda.

At Miser Wealth Partners, we exclusively service company owners and boards operating in the $2-250 million EBITDA space. We let the big banks handle multinational conglomerates, while we serve a smaller client base faithfully. We prioritize your needs 100% of the time.

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