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"The happiest retirees are those that have guaranteed sources of retirement income."

Studies have shown that American retirees are happier and live longer when they have properly designed guaranteed income that covers all of their household budget items in retirement. As a fidicuary, Miser Wealth Partners work diligently to assess all cash flows in retirement to cover all “income gaps” for retirees. The goal is create pension-like streams of income coming from multiple guaranteed sources when possible. Filling those income gaps, Miser Wealth Partners may deploy such investments as fixed indexed annuities, FDIC protected structured notes, certificates of deposit, and multi-year guaranteed annuities.

The first step is defining the “income gap” and then backing into a design to determine how to solve for a lifetime of guaranteed income during retirement. Please take advantage of free reports that will help you determine the best path forward for your retirement income future.

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