4 Ways a Certified Financial Planner Can Help You

The job of a financial planner is to help you arrange and plan your retirement. They use a combination of your current income, savings, and investments to project what you will have when you’re ready to retire. Financial planners can also help you decide what to do with your money so that you can reach your goals.

At Misers Wealth Partners, we provide premier financial advice and tips for your unique retirement planning needs in Tennessee. You can expect our experts to provide tailored strategies based on your situation and goals to ensure that your retirement planning meets your needs.

This article will provide more information on what a certified financial planner is and three ways they can help you reach your goals.

What is financial planning?

Financial planning is the process of defining your financial goals. This can include planning what you will use your money for and when you will use it. You will set goals with an expert financial planner and additional milestones along the way. This will help you create a plan to take the action you need to achieve those checkpoints and goals.

To provide sound financial advice, planners need to gather as much personal and financial data about you as they can. This will help them form a picture that shows you when and how you can reach your goals.

How can a financial planner help you?

There are several ways financial planners can help you prepare for your future, including:

1. Helping you gain financial confidence

Having a written financial plan increases confidence. This is because you will have measurable goals to work toward with plenty of support and help from your financial planner. Being able to track your progress also helps reduce doubt or uncertainty about your decisions and make adjustments to help overcome obstacles that could derail you.

2. Jump-start your savings

Financial planners can help you jumpstart your savings. Planning, even in small steps, doesn’t take large sums of money to start. You will improve not only your savings and budgeting habits but also ways to prioritize your goals.

3. Helping you find other opportunities

Planning out your financial goals will give you the full lay of the land with your planner — you’ll know your goals, how much time you have to reach them, and how comfortable you are with risk. Once you have this broad view, you can figure out how to reach each individual goal and go beyond.

This will involve saving — setting aside money as well as investing for the long term so it can grow. Your financial planner can help you create a roadmap that will let you have a financial plan and investment portfolio.

4. Instill better habits

Financial planning is more than just investing — it’s about what it can do for your security, quality of life, and protection. Research shows financial planning supports sound money habits.

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