Investment Positioning

Investment Positioning

Our approach to asset management begins with listening to you in order to understand your mission and goals. You may have a specialty in an area of the market that affords you great expertise in managing a portion of your portfolio, but we want to try to add value so that you can improve your efforts. As we listen and understand your desires and goals, we will deploy our 20+ year experience in evaluating the placement investments that reduce risk and safely help you attain the lifestyle you prefer.

Understanding Risks

We recognize that all of our clients have already hit the proverbial financial grand slam when they ask for our advice. Therefore, we do not pretend to have a magical crystal ball about what direction the global markets will go in the next twelve months.

For this reason, we deploy some of the industries top analytic software to analyze and identify risks on behalf of our clients. The snapshot that you see to your right is just one page of a multiple-page assessment we use with our clients. This particular page compares how an existing portfolio of assets might perform in a market downturn versus our recommendations related to repositioning.

Keep in mind, while growth is important to each of our clients, it is just as important to them to understand how much risk they may be taking to achieve their desired growth.

History plays an important part in our risk posture. Knowing what happened in the past can provide lessons that we learn from and, in some cases, benchmarks that we often use to determine where we are today. The snapshot that you see to your left is just one page of a multiple-page assessment that we perform for all clients.

This software allows us to measure potential volatility that could positively and negatively impact individual portfolios versus historical events that we have experienced in the past. Examples of these events include significant bull-markets like 2013, bear markets like 2008, the Financial Crisis of 2008 and 2009, and events where interest-rates may rise significantly. In each of these cases, we are able to determine if your portfolios are taking more or less risk when those events occurred and what the potential impact might be if they were to occur again versus our proposed repositioning recommendations.

Properly calibrating risk with a target income is the key to successful planning. We utilize a third software component that allows us to illustrate various outcomes related to income and various decisions that can either positively or negatively impact your ability to live the lifestyle you may desire.

These reports and analyzes allow us to eliminate other non-market related risks such as withdrawal rate risk, market risk, sequential risk, and ultimately longevity risk.

Longevity being the most important risk to eliminate because it is a multiplier of risk. The longer you live, the greater the opportunity the market will crash, your health will deteriorate, and/or inflation will void your purchasing power. Eliminating the Longevity Risk is our greatest priority.

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