Emma Merstetter

Vice President of Special Projects

Emma Merstetter
Education & Certifications:

As a born taskmaster, Emma Merstetter is the kind of go-getter who delights in taking a vision and carrying it to the finish line. Along with Vice President of Client Administration Becky D’Amico, Emma tackles the marketing side of the business at Miser Wealth Partners with a range of important duties. Those include tasks like making sure all customer relationship management (CRMs) systems are set up and managed, establishing proper drip email campaign lists, organizing appointment calendars, ensuring the main office system is running like a well-oiled machine, implementing special projects, and much more.

As a fraternal twin and the oldest of five siblings growing up in Unionville, Pennsylvania, Emma has always had an aptitude for working with a team.

With her maternal grandparents being German, Emma’s family has always had deep ties to their German roots. That includes being able to understand the language and annual trips to visit the beautiful countryside. Her American upbringing was heavily influenced by her family’s entrepreneurial spirit that was brought over by her grandparents, and now passed down to her own children.

That influence manifested itself as Emma stretched her business acumen during her homemaker days raising young children. Emma created and marketed her own American Girl® Doll furniture, which she sold on Etsy. She managed all orders, handled all customer service components, and enjoyed a substantial degree of success. But after a couple of years in that realm, she decided other entrepreneurial endeavors were more her speed. She took a toy product line and expanded into home decor with a wholesale approach that led her sales all over the U.S.

 “That whole time I was learning to build businesses, what works, what doesn’t, and all of the intricacies that go with it” she said. “So, it’s all about life experience with our family.”

Careerwise, Emma’s first big gig came about when she partnered with the CEO of a dental company that had just started benefitting from investment money. At the time, there were four offices, but that number soon swelled to 40+ offices during Emma’s involvement. When it was time to move on to other ventures, Emma kept dealings with the dental company in the family by recruiting her sister to take over the position as right hand strategic partner to the CEO, which she still does to this day.

A reigning theme for Emma throughout her career has always been to work closely alongside other motivated individuals who are just as driven to make results happen.

“My Kolbe score marks me as a quickstart. I like to find the idea, come up with a plan on how to execute it, and then I want to hand it off to the right team once we gain momentum and watch the idea flourish.”

When it comes to making plans gain momentum, there are few who fit that bill better than Derek Miser. After Emma met him through previous work with another well-known advisor, she just knew he was the kind of person who would match her own energy in business.

“Now that I’m working with Derek, I can take all the business strategies I still love to do and help him reach his goals. He’s a great visionary,” she said. “I love his forward thinking.”

The decision to pair with Derek and Miser Wealth Partners was one of the easiest Emma had to make. It just felt like a serendipitous match.

“The pull for me is simple. I love building learning platforms and making subjects easy for people to understand and implement. Reaching a goal because we mapped out a plan, put in the hard work, and are pleased with the results is very satisfying. We are a team and love working together here at Miser Wealth Partners.”

With all that goes on at the firm, it can be a lot to keep up with. But Emma is more than equipped for the challenge. Along with Becky, the two make a powerhouse team able to tackle any marketing challenges thrown their way.

“We complement each other very well,” Emma said. “She loves working with certain aspects of the business as I do. We keep to our strengths to enjoy our work and working together.”

In her spare time, Emma’s three adult sons continue to be the most important part of her world…and all of them have driven entrepreneurial spirits just like their mother.