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Income Portfolios


Whether you are a working-age adult, a stay-at-home parent, or even retired, making specific investments to create an income portfolio can be a very attractive strategy. An income portfolio is made up of the money you receive from investments, dividends, interest, capital gains, and/or royalties received from investment property. Portfolio income is one of three main categories of income along with active income and passive income. Active income is simply money earned by doing a job or performing a service.

A passive income and a portfolio income can be a little trickier to understand. Passive income is a revenue stream that continues to reap payments down the line, such as music and book royalties or property rent payments, for example. Interest on savings accounts and limited partnerships in which an individual owns a share of a business but does not participate in its operation are also considered passive income. Portfolio income does not come from passive investments and cannot be earned through typical business dealings. Rather, it comes from the dividends, interest, capital gains, or interest paid on loans as stated above.

Income portfolios generally receive more favorable tax treatment as dividends and capital gains are taxed at lower rates than earned active income. Portfolio income is also not subject to Social Security or Medicare taxes that active income is subject to.

What forms of portfolio income can Miser Wealth Partners help manage?

At Miser Wealth Partners, we’re experts at managing our clients’ income portfolios generated from the following methods:

  • Bond ladders
  • Market-linked growth notes
  • Dividend-paying equities
  • Real Estate Investments (including Delaware statutory trust, real estate investment trust & private placement opportunities)

Overseeing these and other means of portfolio income generators on your own can be overwhelming. Find out how we can help you navigate the weeds of this specific form of income so you can enjoy the financial peace of mind that everyone desires. Contact Miser Wealth Partners today at (865) 281-1616 or click here to set up a time to talk with us and get started on your journey of financial freedom with your own income portfolio.

Real Estate Investments

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Income Portfolios

Dividend-Paying Equities

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Income Portfolios

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