The Miser Difference

When was the last time your attorney, tax advisor, and investment professional collaborated to resolve your greatest financial priorities related to your wealth, your family, and your goals?  Imagine a place where your attorney, tax advisor, and investment professional collaborate daily, just minutes away from your home. At Miser Wealth Partners, LLC, we are excited to introduce you to the “Miser Difference.”  

Derek A. Miser, founder, and financial advisor, created his firm in 2017 after spending 20 years in the industry as a financial advisor and entrepreneur. His vision for the firm was birthed by his exposure to high-net-worth family office operations and exclusive access to top financial planning departments comprised of tax attorneys, accountants, and wealth strategists. 

The Miser Difference

The family office model was created years ago by the top 1% of the top 1% of wealthy families around the world, and Mr. Miser created Miser Wealth Partners to deliver the same caliber of services that once required $100 million or more of net worth to gain entry to this level of service but tailored for families with net worth as small as $3 million. Today, family offices around the world comprise tax attorneys, tax strategists, tax professionals, wealth strategists, investment bankers, and investment advisors. Now through Miser Wealth Partners, you can experience the efficiency of this type of collaboration in Tellico Village and Farragut, Tennessee.  

Miser Wealth Partners understands that families today are more complex, and it takes experience to listen to and understand the needs of affluent families. For your first meeting, you will be joined by IRS-registered tax advisors and investment professionals who know the questions to ask to evoke deeper thought and considerations into the protection and efficient distribution of your wealth to future generations of your family to provide you with private, corporate and charitable financial planning. Your second or third meetings often weave in the experienced voices of our legal counsel to discuss how to properly protect and transfer your wealth. The Miser law team will provide you with wills and trust guidance along with estate planning and probate services. Get reliable advice on estate planning and feel confident in your decisions. Trust our guidance to help you navigate this important process. This powerful collaboration creates efficiencies within the planning process that cannot be found at your typical investment advisory firms.

The experts at Miser think about the aspect of our clients living longer and planning for the outcomes that may arise later in life, including what survivorship needs may be required long before those days arrive in the lives of their clients. We also think about the needs of women in retirement and understand their desire for protection and cash flow, which may be thought of differently than perhaps their husband’s way of thinking when they were younger. 

Miser Wealth Partners is acutely aware of the ever-changing tax legislation proposals, which continue to evolve just as the financial markets do. Having a team of professionals that understand the legal, tax, and investment management aspect of your wealth can significantly reduce risk and help you enjoy the retirement you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

The Miser Difference means not having to live a “just in case” retirement lifestyle. Living with confidence produces greater happiness and less stress, and this is the mission that drives every member of the Miser team of professionals to excel on behalf of our clients. Imagine a relationship where you have year-round access to tax planning, legal counsel, and investment management for the price you may be paying for investment-only advice elsewhere. Miser Wealth Partners spend every day drafting documents related to estate and tax issues, analyzing tax mitigation strategies on behalf of clients, and presenting comprehensive charitable planning techniques to retirees just like you. 

This unique ecosystem of advanced planning delivers premium outcomes for our clients. We combine in-depth, strategic tax advice based on the most recent tax legislation, protection-focused investment recommendations, and unparalleled estate planning legal advice. We do this day in and day out at Miser Wealth Partners. It’s what we call the “Miser Difference,” and it’s what elevates our services above all others in this market. Isn’t time you experienced it for yourself? Your first discovery meeting is on us.

Isn’t time you experience the “Miser Difference?” Contact us today to start your journey to financial freedom. 

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