Increase Your Teams Bench Strength by Harnessing Our Skills to Advance Your Cause

Momentum is important in any organization, especially when we are on a mission to impact those in your community. Miser Wealth Partners specializes in educating your donors so that they understand how to leverage their support so that it becomes a mutual win for everyone. Donors are sensitive to taxes and when properly educated by our professionals on how they can impact both their charities and their pocket book they often find more opportuniites to give. At Miser Wealth Partners we support organzation in three key areas: Board Education, Donor Workshops, and Campaign Planning.

Charitable Advising

Board Education

Changing legislation and IRS tax opinions can be a difficult road to management for small organizations where board resources are stretched thin.

Donor Workshops

Building donor enthusiasm and momentum is critical to campaign success. Miser Wealth Partners is committed making donor presentations in large group and in private one-on-one settings.


Campaign Planning

Understand how to design campaigns and the financial donor strategies that must be presented to achieve financial goals for maximum adhesion.